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Brooklyn’s Top LASIK Center – Leading Lasik

With more than 25-years of experience in Lasik surgery, retina, and refractive surgery, Dr Samer Khosrof is one of the best and most trusted ophthalmologists in New York. Dr Khosrof specializes in treating retinal disorders such as diabetic retinopathy, Vitreoretinal Surgery and macular degeneration using the latest technologies and the most advanced medical and surgical procedures.

Located in, Brooklyn, New York,our office has state-of-the-art equipment and unparalleled experience to offer comprehensive eye care in a personalized, professional, and caring setting. Whether it’s a medical or surgical eye treatment that your condition requires, Leading LASIK Eye Surgery NYC is the best place to obtain a professional opinion and successful treatment.

Contact us for all minor and major, acute and chronic eye conditions and disorders, including those previously considered untreatable. Our next-generation diagnostic and laser technology allows us to precisely determine the nature of your condition, and our experience helps us dispense the most appropriate treatment and deliver rapid results.

Call us at 718-630-1070 or fill out our appointment request form to schedule an appointment. Your eyesight is a precious gift – let Dr. Khosrof help you preserve it for a lifetime!

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*Dr. Khosrof supports men and women in service.  Please call for additional savings.

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