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Brooklyn Bladeless Custom LASIK (Model)Dr. Samer Khosrof is the laser eye surgeon Brooklyn patients trust for the absolute sharpest vision. He believes bladeless custom LASIK is the best way to eliminate refractive errors and give his patients freedom from contacts and glasses. In fact, Dr. Khosrof was the first surgeon in New York to invest in the Alcon WaveLight® Refractive EX500 and FS200 lasers, which together comprise a best-in-class bladeless custom LASIK platform. Numerous clinical studies show excellent outcomes with bladeless custom LASIK — a recent study showed 100 percent of patients enjoyed 20/20 vision without eyeglasses the day after surgery.

Blade vs. Bladeless LASIK

Traditional LASIK procedures involved the use of a microkeratome, a surgical instrument with an oscillating blade, to create the thin corneal flap that hinges back to reveal the underlying corneal tissue.

In bladeless LASIK, a femtosecond laser is used, instead of the microkeratome, to create the corneal flap. The femtosecond laser delivers tiny pulses of energy to create a very precise flap. This eliminates the possibility of human error, which is why Dr. Khosrof believes that laser-created flaps are more predictable and precise. Complications are significantly less likely when the flap is created with a laser.

Both blade-based and bladeless LASIK use an excimer laser to remove microscopic bits of tissue to reshape the cornea. After the excimer laser has completed this step, the corneal flap is restored to its original position over the eye to serve as a “bandage.” The flap gradually seals itself to the surface of the eye without the need for stitches or sutures.

Custom vs. Non-Custom LASIK

Custom vs. Non-Custom LASIKConventional LASIK uses information from your eyeglass prescription to correct vision. It tries to replicate the vision that you see when wearing your eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, eyeglass prescriptions are measured in .25 diopters (e.g., -1.25 D and -1.50 D), which is quite a wide berth, and refractive errors can be measured in much smaller increments. Thousands of people can have the same eyeglass prescription, yet slightly different visual needs.

Custom LASIK, on the other hand, involves comprehensive testing to evaluate your refractive error(s) in .01 increments — much smaller units than conventional LASIK. Sophisticated technology is used to map out the unique qualities of your eye, including the curvature of the cornea and how light travels through the eye to reach the retina.

This detailed information is used to carefully program the laser that performs the custom LASIK treatment. Therefore, LASIK treatment is highly personalized to your eye’s unique characteristics and specific visual errors.

Another advantage of custom LASIK is that it identifies and reduces higher-order aberrations, which are minor imperfections known to affect visual quality even after the refractive error has been corrected. Reducing higher-order aberrations minimizes the risk of experiencing glare, halos, blurring and poor night vision after LASIK.

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