Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

Brooklyn Eyelid Surgery Patient (Model)Cosmetic eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, rejuvenates the appearance of the eyelids and the area surrounding the eyes. It can be performed on the upper eyelids, lower eyelids or both to resolve sagging, drooping skin. The result is a refreshed eye and facial appearance. Dr. Samer Khosrof is a leading eyelid surgeon in Brooklyn and has helped a number of people achieve a youthful and more attractive expression with his skillful approach.

When Eyelid Surgery Is Needed

Eyelid surgery is designed to treat the following eyelid-related concerns:

      • Loose skin that covers the natural fold of the upper eyelids (possibly drooping over the lash line, obstructing the line of sight)
      • Fat bulges or puffiness in the eyelids
      • Under-eye bags
      • Drooping lower lids
      • Wrinkles or deep grooves under the lower eyelids

Dr. Khosrof evaluates every eyelid surgery candidate on an individual basis to determine their specific concerns and evaluate the anatomy of the lid, eye and surrounding areas. Based on the information collected, he formulates a treatment plan to address the individual’s needs and goals. This plan may include the removal of fat, tissue and skin and reconfiguration of the eyelid.

Procedural Details

Eyelid surgery is performed on an outpatient basis. Anesthesia is administered for a safe and comfortable patient experience. The operation can take one to two hours, depending on the specific treatment plan.

Dr. Khosrof begins by making the incisions on the lids. If he is treating the upper eyelids, he makes the incisions in the crease of the upper eyelids, following the natural contours of the lid. If he is treating the lower eyelids, he makes the incisions just below the lower lash line. Through the incision, Dr. Khosrof removes excess tissue and fat to correct drooping, sagging and puffiness. He may redistribute fat to create a more youthful looking lid. Excess skin is eliminated and the remaining skin is tightened to smooth wrinkles. When Dr. Khosrof is finished improving the contours of the lids, he closes the incisions with small sutures.

Recovering from Eyelid Surgery

Brooklyn Eyelid Surgery Patient (Model)Initially after surgery the eyelids may be puffy, bruised, swollen and feel numb. Sensitivity to light, tearing and double vision are common side effects. These symptoms resolve over time. Most patients have minimal pain, if any, which can be alleviated with oral medication.

Patients usually take a week or two off from work to recover and must refrain from any strenuous activity during this time. Dr. Khosrof monitors his patients’ recovery through regular follow-up appointments. He also provides detailed instructions for caring for the healing eyelids, including how to change bandages and dressings, and when to take medication. Dr. Khosrof advises when it is safe for the patient to resume work, exercise and other normal activities.

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