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ArcSof ReSTOR IOLs in Brooklyn (Logo)Intraocular lenses (IOLs) are small devices used in cataract surgery to replace the cataract-diseased lens and enable clear vision and sharp focus. During the cataract surgery procedure, the cataractous lens is removed from the capsule holding it, and a new IOL is positioned in its place.

With many types of IOLs available today, you have your choice in lens. It can be difficult to evaluate each option and select what is best for your visual needs and your lifestyle. The terminology can also be confusing. Standard “single vision” lenses restore clear vision at a single fixed distance: near, far or in between. Other lenses, on the other hand, are designated as “premium” lenses because they have additional advanced features that distinguish them from standard lenses.

During the cataract surgery consultation, Dr. Samer Khosrof of Leading Lasik in Brooklyn reviews all IOL options, going over the advantages and disadvantages of each. After learning more about you and your unique visual goals and lifestyle, he can recommend the IOL best suited to your needs.

AcrySof ReSTOR

AcrySof IX ReSTOR lenses are one of the most well known brands of multifocal lenses. They are designed to restore clear vision and reduce dependence on eyeglasses at a range of distances. ReSTOR lenses have an apodized diffractive optical structure, which distributes light to different zones. An advantage of this structure is that it enhances distance vision in low-lighting conditions, such as driving at night.


Crystalens in Brooklyn (Logo)Crystalens is FDA-approved to treat the effects of presbyopia, which is the age-related loss of near vision, and cataracts simultaneously. Crystalens is an accommodating lens, meaning it works with the eye’s muscles to adjust focusing power and see clearly at all distances (this process is known as accommodation). In a normal healthy eye, the lens and ciliary muscle work in tandem to adjust focusing power; the muscle relaxes and the lens flattens to see objects far away, or the ciliary muscle contracts and the lens thickens to magnify objects nearby. The Crystalens has a special feature that allows part of the lens to shift forward when the ciliary muscle contracts, bringing objects close by into clear focus.

AcrySof IQ Toric

Toric premium lenses have features to correct astigmatism at the time of cataract surgery. Thanks to different powers on different meridians of the lens, the AcrySof IQ Toric lenses can compensate for the irregular curvature of the cornea. These lenses are also designed to reduce dependence on glasses for distance vision.


The Tecnis family of multifocal IOLs is curated to meet the needs of a diverse group of patients. The lenses are optimized to perform at a variety of distances, reducing dependence on glasses. The Tecnis family includes a toric IOL to correct astigmatism and an aspheric IOL, which reduces the occurrence of higher-order aberrations (minor optical imperfections).

Cost of IOLs

Your eyesight is a priceless gift, but restoring it comes at a price. Although medical insurance covers the expense on cataract surgery and the cost of conventional (monofocal) IOLs, the newer multifocal IOLs are not covered under most insurance plans. The ReZoom, Crystalens, and ReStor IOLs are usually not covered by insurance because of their higher price. You should discuss the nature and cost of your cataract procedure with your Ophthalmologist, including the part covered by insurance and the difference that you’ll need to pay. Rest assured, nothing is more valuable than your ability to see clearly.

Learn More about Premium IOLs with Dr. Khosrof

If you are facing cataract surgery and curious about your choice in intraocular lenses, let Dr. Samer Khosrof of Leading Lasik explain the benefits and drawbacks of each option. Schedule an informational consultation by calling 718-630-1070 today.

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